Design & Manufacturing

Roofing Galvanized Steel Interior Partioning Welding Exterior Sheeting End Units Permits

Factory-Direct Service

We design and manufacture our buildings with bifold and sliding doors as fully-integrated hangar systems utilizing conventional post and beam construction. Standard design loads are 30 PSF snow load and 100 MPH basic wind speed in accordance with AISC and AISI specifications.

More severe load conditions can be accommodated to suit your particular locale. Our all-steel product line uses rust resistant, galvanized protection throughout and is FULly FABricated to the greatest extent in the industry.


① Permit Drawings

A complete set of structural building drawings can be provided within 2 weeks of your order. Our engineering staff is certified in multiple states and will be able to seal these drawings for permitting purposes. These plans will also include an anchor bolt plan with building reactions to facilitate your foundation design.

end units

② End Units

Each T-Hangar building produces 2 end units, which can be customized or left as additional space for adjacent units. Columns here can be removed and many special partition arrangements are available. Bifold, sliding, access and overhead doors and windows are also options in these areas.


③ Exterior Sheeting

Exterior wall and door panels are roll-formed from 26 gauge, 80,000 psi, pre- painted, Galvalume steel and carry a 20-year warranty from our supplier. These panels are available in 14 standard polyester finishes or 9 custom fluoropolymers as shown on our color chart. All exterior sheeting and related framing members are pre-punched to assure accurate installation without the need for chalk lines. Painted fasteners are also provided to match your color selection.

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④ Welding

All welding operations for our buildings are performed to tight tolerances in our controlled manufacturing facility environment in accordance with AWS specifications. We ship a hangar to you that is assembled entirely with bolted and sheet metal fastener connections requiring no field welding or painting. Repairs and any replacement of parts are simplified by these completely pre-fabricated components.


⑤ Interior Partitioning

Partitions are roll-formed from 29 gauge, 80,000 psi, acrylic-coated, Galvalume steel and carry a 20 year warranty from our supplier. Partitioning can be provided to any height or eliminated completely. Full-height partitioning includes flashing to fully enclose each unit.


⑥ Galvanized Steel

One look inside a Fulfab hangar reveals our extensive use of bright and durable galvanized steel for roof purlins, wall girts, columns and door framing. All components less than 1/8" thick are galvanized to limit the potential for red rust dropping from painted parts affected by condensation.


⑦ Roofing

Roof panels are roll-formed from 26 gauge, 80,000 psi, acrylic-coated, Galvalume steel and carry a 20-year warranty from our supplier. A standard eave overhang of 12" is provided to shed water away from the building. Roofing options include: pre-painted panels, skylights, insulation and ridge ventilation.

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