Steel Erection

  • No field welding or painting is required
  • Bifold and sliding doors are assembled and sheeted on the ground before being hung on the building
  • All assembly connections are bolted or screwed in place
  • Exterior wall and door sheeting and related galvanized framing members are pre-punched for accurate assembly without the use of chalk lines
  • Stud anchor bolts can be installed after a foundation is in place and just prior to erecting the building
  • A generator-ready bifold door operating kit is available for adjustment of doors prior to receiving permanent power
  • A field representative is provided to assist your crew for two days

We are the only hangar manufacturer to offer factory-direct steel erection services and employ field personnel to work and consult with our customers on-site. Our field staff works exclusively with our hangars allowing us to offer experienced, single-source responsibility to our customers. You have only one phone call to make if a problem arises - no finger pointing between building or door manufacturers and steel erectors.

Our hangar systems are the most erector-friendly hangar buildings available. Fulfab crews will typically erect a 10-unit T-Hangar building within 3 weeks. While you can expect your crews to spend a few more hours on the job, our buildings are completely pre-engineered and pre-fabricated to facilitate the process.

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